We are passionate about building amazing experiences that change the way people learn in the workplace.  Current training methods are inefficient, not standardized and content is boring.  What the next generation needs are solutions built for them to succeed in the workplace.

Our team has spent many years building some of the best and most coveted video games on the planet.  We’ve also built over 100 digital mobile solutions for enterprises.  We’ve taken all of that experience and combined it into our platform and product.   You need to experience it to believe it.


Employers – Educators – Learners

We combine technical smarts with UX and gamification expertise to create  engaging apps that workers love to use. We specialize in bringing complex scenarios to life using our content creation system. We’ve met with over 1000 Employers, Educators and Learners and have gotten feedback that our experiences, by using simulation and gamification, make learning more compelling.


As a surgeon, I rely on my surgical team being well prepared for every surgery. PeriopSim means clinicians can practice safely before surgery, which means a more efficient surgical team and better patient outcomes.

James Bond MD,
Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health


We have some incredibly talented people on board. From our technical staff to our leadership team, investors and advisory boards, we have deep expertise, passion and industry experience. We may be a startup, but our people have solid track records from organizations such as Electronic Arts and Motorola.  We have a strong technical foundation for our platform and then go deep into the niche for our product.