Medical Simulation

We use simulation to train surgical staff, outside of the operating room, for increased patient safety. PeriopSim™ teaches nurses to select the right instrument at the right time during surgery.


Practice Safely Before Surgery

PeriopSim is an iPad medical simulation app for healthcare professionals who need to learn surgical instruments and procedures. Using video of real surgeries and voice prompts, users are guided through a surgery and prompted to use the correct instrument at every step. Gamification techniques such as scoring and timed challenges motivate learners to practice and hone their skills. PeriopSim is designed for both students and experienced perioperative nurses preparing for unfamiliar procedures.


Medical Board of Advisors

Our medical simulation solutions have been developed in collaboration with surgeons, perioperative nurses and medical educators to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes.

As a surgeon, I rely on my surgical team being well prepared for every surgery. PeriopSim means clinicians can practice safely before surgery, which means a more efficient surgical team and better patient outcomes.

James Bond MD

Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health

Patient Education

When physicians explain conditions and treatment options to patients, they are often limited to basic visual imagery and analogy. Having an interactive iPad app with 3D graphics, can make the interaction much simpler and enhance patient understanding. We created an iPad app for GenomeDx, that explains prostate conditions through 3D graphics and personalized take-home visuals.


VR Simulation

Conquer Mobile is at the leading edge of Virtual Reality (VR) research and is actively collaborating with other key players in this sector. Aaron Hilton, CTO of Conquer Mobile, founded the VanVR Meetup and recently co-launched The Sawmill motion capture research studio. Research is currently focused on VR surgical simulation for medical education.