VanVR Virtual Reality Meetup Hosts Event to Mark Launch of The Sawmill Motion Capture Studio in Vancouver

IMG_9742aThe VanVR Meetup Group is Hosting a Special Virtual Reality (VR) Event to Celebrate the Launch of The Sawmill,  a Unique Motion Capture Research Facility.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) – June 23, 2014 – Conquer Mobile, a mobile solutions specialist, and The Sawmill, a Vancouver based motion capture studio, today announced that they will be celebrating the launch of the new facility with a special VanVR Meetup Event.

VanVR is celebrating the launch of this unique studio with demonstrations of a ground breaking wireless VR headset and a ‘Drop-in VR’ system. Says Aaron Hilton, CTO of Conquer Mobile and Founder of the VanVR Meetup, ‘The Sawmill makes motion capture easily accessible for Vancouver’s digital media community. This is a huge step forward, enabling Vancouver to take a lead in VR and motion capture research.’

TheSawmillLogotypeALT1bWhen: Monday, June 23 at 7.00 pm

Where: The Sawmill, 8938 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver

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The Sawmill studio is housed in one of the oldest working warehouses remaining in Vancouver, dating back to the 1920’s. Originally a sawmill, it has undergone a structural renovation and has been refitted as a motion capture research facility. The aim of the studio is to test, develop, calibrate and modify digital visual effects technology.

Equipment includes 3D scanning, photogrammetry and motion control in a large high ceiling space, with modular equipment designed for rapid repositioning for film production. There is also a large screening wall for 3D/HD projection, 5.1 sound capability, a woodshop, kitchen and library. The studio will also have audio recording facilities for sound and music production.

The Sawmill is a unique facility bringing together people in the design, movie and entertainment industries and will fill a gap in access to the technology. ‘Performance Capture is experiencing a ground swell of interest from many different industries. The problem is availability of the technology,’ explains Derrick Carter, spokesperson for the Sawmill. ‘Current access is limited to scientific and medical research centers or commercial media production facilities. The Sawmill will fill this gap.’

About Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in mobile solutions with a focus on VR medical simulation for training. The company has a strong medical advisory group drawing together surgeons, neuroscientists, nurse educators and nurses. Conquer Mobile has a track record producing secure, graphical enterprise apps for blue-chip companies such as NGRAIN, GenomeDx, Webtech Wireless, McDonald’s Canada and industry leading Software Companies. Conquer Mobile is based in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, please visit

About The Sawmill

The Sawmill is a multi purpose media studio with a motion capture facility created for research and development of digital visual effects technology. Its goal is to test and operate new advances in performance capture and motion control equipment while being accessible for other media disciplines. Developed by industry professionals from the design, film and entertainment fields, the Sawmill has been host to kinesiology research studies, film and audio production, gaming episode performance captures, motion capture workshops for media institutions and served as a venue for jazz and media performances. The Sawmill is located in the industrial district of South Vancouver.

About VanVR Meetup

VanVR brings together The Vancouver Virtual Reality community, a passionate group of highly talented researchers. The group was founded by Aaron Hilton, CTO of Conquer Mobile and has close to 150 active members. For more information, please visit

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